Olivia is a bright, wonderful, well-spoken girl and I enjoyed getting to know her at her session.  Horseback riding, piano and gymnastics are just a few of her interests.  It was obvious to me why her community adores her!

Olivia is the most nicest, prettiest, best, caring, determined, funniest, loving, creative person and all out just an AMAZING friend and to be honest there are not enough words to describe how AMAZING she is. – Charlee

Liv is an “old soul”, she is wise beyond her years. Highly intuitive, perceptive and sensitive toward others. She is resilient and brave no matter what situation or obstacle life has thrown her way. – Mom

Never give up on anything you want in Life. It might mean you have to work harder than others, but you’re still as good as anyone else. Set a goal and go for it. – Linda Phipps, piano teacher

My greatest wish for Olivia is that she makes a tangible difference in the world. That if she continues to help others that it leaves a mark she can be proud of. I always try to teach her that it’s not what you do for yourself that matters, but rather, what you can do for others. – Dad

Be happy, honest & kind. – Nana

If you know a special kid we can celebrate, Book a Session!.  Our fall dates are starting to book up and September is almost sold out!

I was recently interviewed by Rebecca Zandbergen on London Morning at CBC Radio London.  We spoke about the be.Tween Project and my aim to celebrate and empower local tweens.  To read the article, or listen to the interview, visit…/london-photograher-offers-free-sessions…

Liam and New Dates Available for Booking

Liam was the first boy to participate in the project in 2017!  After booking the session, his mom contacted me to ask if he could bring his pet, Happy, to the session.  Now, Happy is not a dog or a cat, like you might think.  Happy is a snake.  So, of course, I said “Yes!”  And we had so much fun creating all kinds of creative portraits to show off Liam’s relationship with Happy.

Liam is empathetic to the struggles of people, animals and nature. He works hard to take care of all living things. – Mom

I’m open to all sorts of pets at the be.Tween Project.  These portraits are truly special and can really highlight the personality of a child.  If your pet can fit through my door, it can join the fun!

I am most proud of Liam’s determination. Whatever he sets his mind to do, he works at until he is satisfied. He is an amazing drummer because of his hours of weekly practice, his YouTube site is popular and I’ve seen some amazing school projects. All of these are a result of Liam’s determination. – Dad

Liam is reliable, loyal, and can be trusted. – Connor, friend

My one piece of advice, for Liam, is to never stop exploring and learning. – Grandpa

My greatest wish for Liam is that he is healthy, happy and is always surrounded by family and friends who love him. – Grandma


On another note, new dates are now available. Click here to Book a Session! for someone special to you.  Our goal is to celebrate kids and show them they are valued for who they are.  There is no need to fit in with the “crowd” and they are amazing just as they are!


Mary was bright and bubbly and full of enthusiasm when she came in for her portrait session!  I had so much fun watching her jump up and down and make tons of silly faces.

I’m so proud that Mary is so empathetic to others. She is very talented and smart but it warms my heart to know that she is a really good person and a great friend to have. – Mom

Mary is intelligent, thoughtful and inquisitive. – Dave

One piece of advice I would like to give to Mary for her future is …. some people are “flowers”, some people are “weeds” – surround yourself with flowers. – Holly

Mary is bursting at the seams with amazing ideas and is a born leader. – Mom

Mary loves being active and has had lessons in gymnastics, skating, and cheerleading. – Mom

Remember, our goal is to celebrate 100 tweens this year!  In order to reach this goal, we need your help.  If you know a fun, dynamic, silly, amazing kid, Book a Session! today!


Another one of my earliest sessions this year was with Emily.  It was wonderful to see her open up over the session and to see the different sides of her personality!  Emily described herself as artsy and introverted and her friends and family added creative, intuitive and patient.

Emily is a very sensitive girl. I think it is a strength because she doesn’t ignore the little things. This makes her such a great friend and artist. – Mom

One piece of advice I’d like to give Emily is: “Be true to yourself.” – Dave

Emily, my advice to you is to always be true to you. Follow your dreams, dance when you want, sing loud, open your heart and don’t worry about it being hurt and always remember that you are Emily ****, the one and only made by God! – Michelle

Be confident in knowing that you are an amazing young woman who has such talent that the world deserves to see! – Mom

Stay tuned for more portraits of awesome kids!  And if you have an awesome kid in your life, visit be.Tween Project to learn more about celebrating them with their own portrait session!


Well, I have to admit that I’ve been more than a little slow about getting this blog off the ground!  My original plan was to create a post about each child who participates in the be.Tween Project.  And that is still my plan!  Just a little delayed.

Over the first half of the year, I have met so many wonderful kids and I’m excited to share their portraits with the world!

First up is Leena!

I met Leena in January.  Her mom, Kay, has been a friend of mine for a while and we were both eager to capture Leena’s personality in portraits.  A talented gymnast, Leena is determined, smart and kind to everyone she meets.  She is full of energy and I was fascinated to see just how much she is similar to her mom.  Here are a few of the things her friends and family had to say…

Leena is strong because she never gives up. – Natalie (friend)

Learn to be patient and it will work out. – Mom

Leena is always kind to new people. – Mr. Suschkov (teacher)

My sister makes me proud by her gymnastics skills. – Saad


Now that I’ve started, I will continue to share the stories on a regular basis.

If you know a child who could use some celebration in their life, that’s what the be.Tween Project is all about.  Our goal is to encourage and inspire kids to be themselves and to show them how valued they are.  For more information, visit be.Tween Project and Book a Session!

Announcing be.Tween Project 2017!

We are so excited to announce the launch of the be.Tween Project for 2017! Our goal is to celebrate and empower 100 kids (aged 9 – 12) this year by creating portraits that build their confidence and show them how much they are valued in their community.

We are so excited to announce the launch of the be.Tween Project for 2017! Our goal is to celebrate and empower 100 kids (aged 9 – 12) this year by creating portraits that build their confidence and show them how much they are valued in their community.

All of the 2017 dates are listed on our booking page.

This is our first blog post of many for this year. On this blog, you can expect to see some of the portraits we create of amazing kids in the community. We will also be sharing information about our incredible sponsors. This project would not be possible without their support. Along the way, we will post awesome articles written by our sponsors and community partners.

If you are interested in sponsoring the be.Tween Project, please contact us and we would be happy to send you more information.

To kick off the year, check out some portraits of fantastic kids we celebrated in 2016.

Alexa is generous with her heart and her time.  She tries to be a better person each and every day and she makes those around her better too. – Mom & Dad
When I look at Grace and see how much of a good and happy person she is, it makes me think about how all the negativity in the world is so frivolous. – Dad
Mason has a great sense of humour and loves to tell jokes. – Grandma
Lucy, never change being that free spirit, doing things your own way and not bowing down to peer pressure!
Ella is a bubbly, outgoing, fantastic, caring, wonderful little girl…with just a hint of rebel! – Mom
My advice to Lexi would be to find what makes her happy (even if it’s scrubbing floors for a living).  It’s happiness and the knowledge of a job well done that make for success. – Grandy
The ABC of Maya – Athletic, Beautiful, Caring. – Grandma
Jessica is musical.  She has a beautiful voice.  She is a beautiful dancer – and can play many instruments! – Aunt Lynley
Follow your heart, it will always take you in the right direction. – Mom

Think about all of the special children in your life.  You can give them the gift of an amazing opportunity to see themselves in a whole new light!  Book now, to be part of this amazing project!